5 things that make a Baby happy

5 things that make a Baby happy

5 things that make a Baby happy5 things that make a Baby happy5 things that make a Baby happy5 things that make a Baby happy5 things that make a Baby happy5 things that make a Baby happy5 Dinge, die ein Baby glücklich machen © rawpixel

A happy, content and balanced Baby is The wish for all parents. Of course, each child brings with the birth of your own personality and individual character traits. But as different as the Little ones are also so easy, it is also to give you a good Start in life. The five most important tips for new parents:

1. Close gives the Baby a sense of security

For nine months the Baby Mama’s warmth, feel her heartbeat and hear quite a lot of security experience. It’s no wonder that the Little ones feel at ease when you back to give you that comfort feeling. When you Wear it in a sling, the loving baby massage or in the daily cuddle hour: babies are cuddles and body love contact. By the way: Ideally, your child is also at night very close to you. This does not have to be in the parents ‘ bed even if the baby bed in the bedroom, you can feel the Baby close to the parents. (The short distance is also an advantage of nighttime Breastfeeding!).

2. Breastfeeding does mom and Baby are well

Mother’s milk is a true multi-talent. It is the healthiest diet for babies in the first six months, protects against allergies, and acts well into the age of the child a positive effect on the development of the child. Breast-feeding is the unique connection between Mama and Baby will continue even after the birth, naturally. Also, the mom benefits from Breastfeeding, because it promotes the regression, and lactating women can look forward to quicker back on your old weight.

3. Too much hustle and bustle, stress

You don’t overwhelm your Little one. Do not be afraid, the rush of visitors after the birth to narrow down and get used only once in the small frame to the new family situation. Later, more is less. A constantly running television, every day another baby course, constant trips to: The over-stimulated the Baby. If you let a Newborn alone in the world arrive, and it very slowly to his new life to get used to, benefit from, ultimately, the parents.

4. Rituals provide security

A good night song before going to sleep, the common Cuddling, according to the Wrap, the daily afternoon walk: kids will love the same, always recurring processes ends. The parents might find boring, the Small but great, because it structured their small, new world and gives you security and familiarity. Nice it is when daddy and Baby have a common Ritual, such as bathing or in bed.

5. You do something Good for yourself

Only happy parents have happy, satisfied babies. Treat yourself to consciously small-outs, and everyday escapes. This can be a relaxing bath, a small shopping spree, a night. Tip for breastfeeding moms: How about again with a night without getting Up? If you Feed a dairy ration pumping and your Partner on a weekend night, you can refuel again in peace to sleep and forces. A treat that will give you untold powers!

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