Diseases of the ovaries and diseases of the uterus

Both eggs and uterus is an important reproductive organs of the woman are the ovaries. Without the ovaries and the uterus, it would be hardly possible to realize a desire to have children. It is, therefore, a great fear of a woman, that these organs develop, so that the uterus or ovaries removed would have to. There are many diseases covered, the only cause to get to the uterus to remove can would. As examples of cervical cancer are:, abdominal cancer, cervix cancer, cervical cancer, benign tumors (fibroids), ovarian cysts, polyps and various inflammation (gonorrhoea, tuberculosis, syphilis). The removal of the uterus or of the ovaries should be the last Option, if for example the ovaries pain or tumors can be detected. The distance by appropriate Operation can mean sustainable changes for the body.

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